Disaster Preparedness

Disaster preparedness and response is an area that began with local health departments in 2001, when the United States Government recognized the importance of preparedness of our public health. In a bioterrorism emergency, a broad public health response involving state, local, and federal public health agencies may be required. Public health activities that may be required include the following:


        • Dispense medications/immunizations to the public through mass
           dispensing clinics

        • Deploy the Strategic National Stockpile through the Department of
           Homeland Security

        • Conduct field investigations and monitoring of populations exposed

        • Conduct surveillance and epidemiological studies

        • Establish a disease registry and monitor long-term impacts

        • Medical interventions and recommendations

        • Establish disease control and prevention measures

        • Establish protective action guidelines

        • Evaluate health and medical impact on the public and emergency and
           medical personnel

        • Communicate with the public, policy makers, and the media regarding
           status of public health emergency and necessary public actions to
           protect public health and safety.

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