Family Planning

Todd County Health Department schedules family planning services throughout each week. Confidential services are available for men, women and  adolescents. Serves include pap testing & pelvic exams, breast exam, STD testing & treatment, pregnancy testing & counseling, birth control methods, emergency contraception, sterilization (male & female) and other lab tests if needed. Education and counseling are also provided in areas such as healthy lifestyle choices, self breast\testicular exams, STD\HIV risks, preconception health\Folic Acid, option counseling, and infertility. Referrals & linkages with community resources are available. Family Planning staff will help the patient choose the appropriate method of birth control and teach ways to stay healthy. Staff members will answer any questions and patients will also receive birth control method education and counseling, including Natural Family Planning and abstinence education.


All Family Planning services are strictly confidential. Parental consent is encouraged but not required.