Food Services

Food Service Inspections

The Health Department protects the community from food borne illness by conducting Food Safety Inspections.  All restaurants and grocery stores are required to maintain a permit through the Todd County Health Department.

Inspections are conducted at least twice a year on each facility. 

Other Food Service Programs

Other food protection services offered by the Health Department include:
•  Approves food permits for food establishments                                               •  Conducts food service inspections.                                                       
•  Conducts food service training seminars.                                                        
•  Conducts sanitation inspections of restaurants, school cafeterias,                      retail grocery stores, food transportation vehicles, vending machines
    and other places that sell food to the public.                                                        
•  Conducts foodborne disease investigations.

Temporary Food Booths/Concessions

Individuals may set up a temporary food booth by applying for a permit at the Local Health Department. Permits must be approved before operation begins. All individuals will be required to meet the State Temporary Requirements.


     Temporary Permit fees

     1 – 3 Days     $50.00

     4 – 7 Days     $75.00

     8 – 14 Days $100.00

For more information on applying for a food permit or to report a complaint, contact the Todd County Health Department at 270-265-2362 Ext. 207


Farmers Market Home Based Processing and Microprocessing

Contact: Dept. for Public Health

Jeff Lunsford 502-229-4188