The first documented meeting of the Todd County Board of Health was on October 10, 1904.  Serving on the board at the time were Dr. J.M. Robinson of Guthrie, Dr. W.S. Petrie of Fairview, and Dr. L.P. Traber, H.C Miller, and P.O. Duffy of Elkton.  J.M. Robinson was elected chairman of the board and L.P. Traber was appointed county health officer.  In the early years of the formation of the Board of Health, meetings detailed quarantine of smallpox cases.  In subsequent years, meetings detailed additional communicable diseases, sanitation, immunizations, and education.

 Historically, the Board of Health drives the direction of the health department. The Board employs one staff person, the Public Health Director.  All other staff of the health department are hired under the Kentucky Merit System by the Public Health Director.

 The Todd County Health Department has been located at its current address since its construction in 1980.  An addition was built in approximately 1991.  Previously, the health department was in the building that houses Willows Beauty Salon, where the Farm Bureau building is located, in a house on Allensville St.