Todd County Medical Reserve Corps

The mission of the Todd County Medical Reserve Corps is to provide medical and non-medical support during emergencies, disasters, and public health initiatives.  


We desire to take a volunteer's willingness and expertise, develop into savvy, and respond to opportunities to fulfill their calling to help others in times of need.



The Todd County Medical Reserve Corps was formed to promote health and safety in three key areas:

        1.  Public Health Emergencies – events that threaten public health,
             such as a disease outbreak or toxic chemical release.


        2.  Mass Casualty Incidents – disasters that cause injury or threats
             to large numbers of people.  These can include a building
             collapse, fire, storm, flood, or other event that displaces groups
             of residents that must be moved to emergency shelters.


        3.  Community Service Activities – opportunities to foster the
             well-being of local residents; such as health fairs, blood
             pressure clinics, or training programs.


In the event of a large-scale public health emergency, the need for surge capacity of health and medical systems would be critical. This new program will allow public health officials to register health professionals, apply emergency credentialing standards, and allow for the verification of the identity, credentials and qualifications
 of prospective volunteers. 

Since 2003, the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) program has grown rapidly across the U.S. Sponsored by the Office of the Surgeon General, MRC programs have been developed to supplement existing local public health and emergency preparedness initiatives. In Kentucky, 117 of 120 counties are now covered by a registered MRC, with most units sponsored by local health departments in conjunction with local emergency
management agencies.

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